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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Many people know the town of #LagunaBeach from the television show filmed in the early 2000s. Some have visited on vacation or come into town for dinner and a sunset on the beach, or for one of the famous art shows. If you've ever wondered what it is like to live in this quirky #SouthernCalifornia beach town, here are some pro's and con's.

Pro - A lot of the town is walking distance to the beach

All along the coast there are houses, apartments for rent, and many neighborhoods that are just a 5-10 minute walk to our beautiful beaches and manicured parks like the famous Heisler Park overlooking the ocean. This is helpful for the locals because parking can be tough, especially in the summer months. A Bonus Pro is that if you live in north or central Laguna there are dozens of great restaurants within walking distance too.

Con - Parking, Traffic, and Noise

Laguna is a small town that lacks a decent amount of space for vehicles and parking which can cause some traffic during certain times of the year and days of the week. The options for parking are private paid lots where you pay a flat fee for the day, or metered parking for shorter visits. The town has done a few things to remedy this situation like having a great trolley system that shuttles people through town and building a new parking lot in the canyon where you can take a shuttle downtown. Traffic is also something that most people who visit and everyone who lives here has experienced. There are only two ways in and out of town, the canyon (a bottle neck road) and #PacificCoastHighway. In the summer months, both seem to have traffic constantly, and during the rest of the year, mid-day rush hour and the weekends still back up those two routes. As a resident, there are a few different types of parking permits you can choose from so that you can park in metered spots and certain lots without paying throughout the year. If you live close to Pacific Coast Highway or near the downtown area, you will also hear a lot of vehicle noise.

Pro - We have many beaches and they are all unique and special

North or south of Laguna Beach you will find that the beaches look very simple, flat with wide stretches of sand. Newport Beach and Los Angeles Beaches are perfect examples of what I'm talking about. "The city's topography is unique to other California coastal cities with its seven miles of #coves and beaches where visitors can explore #seacaves, ocean side bluffs, and natural tide pools full of sea creatures, all within the city limits," says VisitLagunaBeach. A Bonus Pro is that Laguna Beach is home to some of Orange County's most popular diving sites like Shaw's Cove and Diver's Cove. All of the beaches are free, although you may have to pay for parking depending on where you can find a spot.

Con - Homeless Population

Like many of the towns and cities in California, Laguna does have a small homeless population because of the moderate climate, miles of beaches to sleep on, and the generous spirit of our town. Most of them are harmless and mind their own business, but always have your guard up just incase.

Pro - Art is at the Heart of the Town

People from all over the world visit Laguna Beach for the famous art shows and galleries. Laguna is home to the Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna-Art-A-Fair, Festival of the Arts, and the 80-year-old world famous Pageant of the Masters. If you'd like to browse art at your own pace, take a stroll through town and visit some of the dozens of galleries along Pacific Coast Highway.

Pro - Hiking and Biking Trails

While Laguna is definitely a "beach" town, its geography boasts of rolling hills and many fun climbs for hiking at all levels and offers some serious views. Laguna Coast Wilderness Park has over 40 trails in 7,000 acres of coastal wilderness. Top of the World, Crystal Cove State Park, Moulton Meadows Park, and Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park are also top choices. Nothing beats a sunrise or sunset hike where you can look down and see nothing but hundreds of miles of pink and orange mist over the ocean and the beautiful coastline. Most of the parks and trails are free to enter and have plenty of free neighborhood parking.

The incredible beaches paired with the #hiking geography are my two favorite things about living in Laguna Beach. This has been my home-base for three years now and I feel absolutely blessed that I've been able to experience everything that this special little beach town has to offer.

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