A Must Have For Sustainable Self-Care

I was reading an article the other day from National Geographic that stated the average person goes through about 300 toothbrushes during their lifetime. Plastic toothbrushes are yet another player in the world's plastic crisis. A plastic toothbrush could take nearly 1000 years to finally decompose in a landfill or worse yet, a marine environment.

The first thing we do in the morning is brush our teeth and I feel better now that the first thing I touch isn't plastic, it's a sustainable bamboo toothbrush from Juni Essentials. "Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources with a unique potential to combat poverty and natural resource challenges. We created Juni Essentials to make great products good for people and nature, and to help people like us take their first steps to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle," says Juni.

Juni Essentials shows us that buying sustainably doesn't have to break the bank. Their toothbrushes created by dentists, engineers, and designers are just $8.99 on their website for a 2 pack. You can even save 15% by subscribing for toothbrush replacements that are delivered right to your doorstep at your convenience and according to your own schedule!

It's incredible to live in a time when making a change thats positive for you and the planet can be so easy and affordable.

It's inspiring to buy from companies that have a mission to help not only us and the environment, but also to reduce poverty among farmers in bamboo production areas. Juni brushes are made from Moso bamboo, which is especially sturdy (and not eaten by pandas, so no worries about reducing panda food!). Juni Essentials is also a member of the 1% for the Planet, donating at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

This toothbrush is aesthetically pleasing with a smooth design for looks and functionality. The tapered bristles are soft enough to protect the enamel on your teeth while getting into hard to reach areas. The first time I used my Juni Essentials toothbrush, I was in awe with how satisfying it was to use. The bristles really cleaned all the hard to reach places without hurting my gums and left my teeth feeling super smooth and extra clean. I've used many different types of toothbrushes, regular and electric, but this bamboo toothbrush is definitely the best and I won't be going back to any other brand. I travel a lot so I'm also glad it's light and perfect for at home and on the road!

If you are looking for an small and easy way to help the planet, check out Juni Essentials bamboo toothbrushes. They have a 97% satisfaction rate for a reason! With one small change at a time, we can change the world for the better. Shop The Juni Essentials Bamboo Toothbrush here.

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