10 Important Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

  1. Sleep - Traveling is exciting and I am sure you have a lot planned, but don't underestimate how important it is to carve out enough time for sleep. Especially when you have to take jet lag and time zone differences into account. Disruption to a person's circadian rhythm can compromise their immune system. I've allowed lack of sleep to make me a cranky traveler too many times, don't make the same mistake!

  2. Safe Water - Make sure you do research on the water quality of the location you are visiting. In many places, drinking the water that comes out of the faucets can make a foreign traveler very sick because your gut is not used to the different bacteria in the water. When in doubt, always go for bottled spring water. This included, brushing teeth and washing vegetables. Some people have very sensitive stomachs to water from other countries, and something as simple as brushing your teeth could give you a stomach bug for the rest of your trip. I have heard that ice cubes while traveling can be the cause of an upset stomach too.

  3. Staying Extra Hydrated - Adding to the point above, I would suggest drinking more water than you normally would on travel days to stay hydrated. Planes and airports are notoriously dry and they dehydrate you very quickly. Staying hydrated will help with jet lag, travel headaches, constipation, and overall mood.

  4. Restaurants - Do plenty of research about each restaurant you are choosing to eat at. You won't regret taking the time to read reviews because you'll have a better idea of the quality and safety of the food and establishment. Be wary of street venders as I've heard many stories of food poisoning from food stalls due to lack of sanitation and quality (unless they are selling fruits and veggies of course)! Buying vegetables and washing them yourself is fine, but in restaurants you may want to avoid them because they will be washed in city water that could upset the stomach.

  5. First Aid Kit - A first aid kit is a no-brainer for traveling especially when exploring with children. A healthy insect repellent, antibacterial gel or wipes, motion sickness remedy, adhesive bandages, disinfectant, and antibiotic ointment are all great examples of items to have in a first aid kit.

  6. Stay Active - If you like relaxing vacations, that is great, but make sure to at least include some nice walks, a swim, yoga, or a hike during your trip. I promise it will feel good to balance the relaxation and food with some light exercise. If a place is a mile or less away, walk there and save money on a taxi or Uber while staying fit and healthy on your trip.

  7. Protect Your Skin - Sun exposure upon arrival can help you to adjust to the new time zone. However, too much sun causing a nasty burn can really put a damper on a vacation. Use a healthy sunscreen (I live by Coola Brand) and take advantage of shade when you can. The perfect amount of sun can have you returning home with a healthy glow, but too much could ruin a trip.

  8. Stretch - This is an easy one to forget, but don't! Long hours on a plane, bus, or car can really do a number on the body. Take some time in the morning or evening to stretch out your neck, legs, and especially your back so that your body is ready for fun activities and exploration.

  9. Alcohol and Caffeine - Try not to overdo it with these two vices. Having a lot of these can make it even harder for the body to stay hydrated throughout a trip, effecting your overall mood. Be extra careful on travel days because flying is very dehydrating. I only drink water on planes to avoid headaches.

  10. Eat Plenty of Fruit - Not only is trying different fruit all over the world a fun and delicious experience, but it also keeps digestion regular because of the fiber and water content. My breakfast is always a big portion of fruit so my days begin with lots of energy and hydration.

With these tips you will be happy and healthy on all of your travels!

You can read more about my diet here and about how I keep a lean and fit body here.

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