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What I Use and Recommend for a Healthy Lifestyle

This blender has changed my life! It is so easy to use and clean. It is great with frozen fruit and makes really thick banana ice cream. I use it to make smoothies, sauces, soup, oat milk, and so much more!
I love my dehydrator! This is how I make Raw Vegan Banana Cinnamon Rolls and lots of other special treats!
I love my folding treadmill it's 
perfect for me and is small
enough to fit into any
space or room size!
Make sure you are
getting enough calories
and the right amount of
vitamins and minerals
with this easy-to-use
digital kitchen scale.
Almost half the
population is deficient
in Vitamin D and it is essential
for hormone regulation and
a fast metabolism! This is
the supplement I take.
A rebounder is an excellent tool to get your
lymphatic system moving which helps to detox the body. It is a super fun way to exercise and get your heart rate up quickly. I love rebounders!
These two books
 absolutely changed
my life!
Saunas are an incredibly powerful way to detox the body of toxins and help speed up weight loss!
This is the best yoga mat I have ever used I absolutely love it!
Iodine is something that many people are deficient in. It is essential for Thyroid health (the body's hormone regulator) which controls the body's metabolism.
Vanilla Bean power is healthier for you than the drops that have an alcohol base. I put this in my smoothies, banana ice cream, baked goods, oat milk, banana cinnamon rolls, and so much more!
I use Carob powder in
smoothies, banana
ice cream, oat milks,
and oatmeal to give
everything a healthy
chocolate taste! 
If you are looking for a
healthy Women's Multivitamin,
this is the best one in my opinion.
I will never go back
to simply brushing my tongue
with a tooth brush. Tongue
scraping gets all of the white
plaque that causes bad breath
in one swipe!
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